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Panic Attack Protocol

If you’ve ever had a panic attack you know how scary they are.  One study found that every year, just in the USA there about an average of 400,000 visits to the emergency room due to anxiety and panic attacks. This syndrome is one of the largest psychological terrors that haunts people around the entire planet.  Thankfully, with the development of the Panic Attack Protocol™ there is no need to be fearful of this highly unpleasant experience.

The Panic Attack Protocol™ was developed based on discoveries in the field of psychology and physiology. Dan Litov, PhD specializes in anxiety disorders. Over the span of two decades he has successfully helped innumerable clients prevent panic attacks by teaching them the Panic Attack Protocol. Knowing how common this problem is, Dr. Litov set out to make it easy to learn how to stop panic attacks.  The Panic Attack Protocol™ combines anatomy, physiology and psychology into one easily learned but powerful process that prevents the onset of a panic attack.

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