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Testimonials from Previous Clients

Drew V.

Working with Dr. Litov was one of the best experiences of my life. I went from being a self-loathing and self-sabotaging person to someone who was able to finally talk kindly to themselves, approach life with a stronger sense of who I was and developed tools to deal with all the issues I was struggling with. I can't imagine my life without working him. The best.

Michael B.

Fantastic psychologist. Good listener and provides the tools and resources to be successful in managing your mental health, especially around anxiety issues. Very calming demeanor, who is also results driven and will share an opinion if requested, versus those who just flip everything back on you.

Shauna H.

During my now 6 months of therapy, I have learned to acknowledge my emotions rather than shying away from them, I discovered more about my childhood experiences that have influenced my character, and I have been given some valuable tools to utilize when I am in overwhelming situations. Dr. Litov has also helped me learn how to take control of my emotions rather than my emotions controlling me.

I believe that by finding the psychologist/psychotherapist, who tailors his techniques for each patient, like Dr Litov, doing the work, and being committed to changing, my physical and mental well-being has dramatically improved. I hope the same for you.


Donna D.

Highly recommend Dr Litov. He's compassionate, trustworthy, highly skilled and dependable. You can talk to him about anything, he makes you feel safe to open up.

Susan D.

Dr Dan is the best therapist in town. I totally recommend him.

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